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Schedules March, 2016 Through December, 2016

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Spring Equinox Sweat

March 19th


06:30 PM










Guidelines For Safe Sweat Lodges

Our sweat ceremonies are designed to facilitate personal and collective inner cleansing and healing. The prayers, heat and steam encourage sweating and positive altered state of consciousness. The level of heat generated in the lodge is guided by the Dance Chief and Spirit. Our Dance Chief prefers to keep our sweat ceremonies on the gentle side, feeling that as long as sweat is generated, it is sufficient for the ceremony and for your process.

* In our community sweat lodge ceremonies, the flap is opened to provide relief in between each “round” or segment (approximately 20 to 30 minutes), allowing the cool outer air to circulate within the lodge.

* We insist that every participant bring in sufficient water to replace fluids released by sweating for the duration of the ceremony – litre bottles are highly recommended. We request that you take your drinks in between segments or “rounds” when we are not in prayer.

* We begin the ceremony by passing around warm water with which to moisten your skin to facilitate the sweating process.

* We sit on the Earth, which is covered by blankets, and we encourage you to bring in a towel on which to sit as well.

*The ceremony is clothing optional. This means that whatever you choose to wear to be most comfortable is how you enter the lodge. Some wear bathing suits, others caftans or shifts or even large towels.

* Participants are required to maintain their focus on themselves during the ceremony and to avoid touching anyone else so as not to disturb another’s ceremonial process.

* If you find yourself uncomfortable in the lodge for any reason, you may leave. We will offer suggestions that will help you to weather any mild discomfort. It is preferred that you wait until the flap is opened in between rounds so that the integrity of the ceremony is undisturbed, but if necessary, at any time, you can let the Dance Chief know that you need to leave, and you will be facilitated in doing so.

* If you have chosen to leave the lodge for any reason, you can choose to sit with us outside of the lodge where you can continue to commune with us, and/or you may re-enter the lodge the next time the flap is opened in between “rounds.”

Bottom line: In choosing to participate in the sweat lodge, we expect that you are an adult age 18 or older, conscious, intelligent and aware of the needs of your own body and health.

• You are the best judge as to whether this experience will serve you or not. If you have any doubt about your health, please check with your doctor before you decide to sweat. We have many participants that choose to join us outside the lodge and have great experiences!

• We expect that you are aware enough to take good care of yourself and that you will request to leave
if you find it necessary.

• Pregnant women, those with health challenges that involve physical or mental issues that would not be served by sweating are encouraged to join us outside the lodge. In addition if you have any communicable illness such as a cold or the flu, we encourage you to stay away until you are well.



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