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Astrologically, Taurus, the sign of the Bull, is a foundation sign of Earth energy.  The mantra of Taurus, ruler of the second house of values, is “I Have.”  While money matters including the economy, banking, stock markets and possessions are physical attributes of Taurus, its spiritual values of human rights, health, happiness and sacredness of life was also greatly enhanced during the alignment.  Therefore, this Age of Aquarius is an optimal time for birthing what is truly sacred and valuable in our lives.  “The Grand Alignment has the potential of opening the heart of humanity and unleashing an unprecedented surge of life - - unlike anything we have ever experienced.” (Ken Kalb, author of Lightshift 2000)

The alignment with the central Sun of the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus was an enhancement of the sensual energy and ancestral spiritual connection of the lineup.  In addition, the energy of the Sun, augmented by the peaking sunspots, was multiplied.  As the Sun's energy is multi-dimensional, increased pressure from fourth density energy (Time) also occurred.  The result of the forces surrounding the alignment is that fourth density energies are magnifying, time is accelerating, synchronicities are increasing, and psychic gifts are expanding in unprecedented numbers, assisting humans in manifesting their desire to rise from third to fourth dimensional vibrations (moving out of Time as we know it).  




·       Two thousand years ago, The Magi in Israel accurately predicted that a total solar eclipse would precede the birth of the Messiah of the Age of Pisces, traditionally known as the time of Jesus Christof Nazareth.  

     The August 11, 1999 fixed cross total solar eclipse occurred nine months before the spectacular lining up of the planets happening in May 2000.  This celestial event has been considered the seeding moment for the birth of the New Aquarian Messiah.  Could it be that this potential lies within each of us? 

·       The Hopi Indians, on their Prophecy Rock, predicted the end of the material fourth world at this time.  Their prophecy calls this the spiritual path leading to abundance and joy in the fifth world open to those who allow for the manifestation of purification and enlightenment within themselves.  The Hopi believe we are now at the predicted time of the Great Purification.  What is your dream for this new world? 

·       The Mayan calendar reached the end of its nine Hells on August 16, 1987, initiating the five-year transition into the final twenty-year katun, AHAU, beginning in  1992 and ending on December 21, 2012.  The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 heralded the start of the synchronization between Earth and our central Galaxy, opening a gateway to greater enlightenment for all who choose to step through.  Thus, we now find ourselves preparing for the end of time as we know it.  Will we step through the gateway to ascension and enlightenment?  May we heed the giant wakeup call to mankind:  “WAKE UP AND CLAIM YOUR DIVINITY NOW!”


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