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The Pleiades, the most famous galactic star cluster in the heavens, is a cluster of bright, white stars, all formed at the same time, within a large cloud of interstellar dust and gas in the constellation of Taurus.  A blue haze accompanying the cluster is caused by a very fine dust which reflects the blue light from the stars.  It is located in the shoulder of the bull Taurus, and can be found by following the belt of Orion through the reddish star, Aldebaran.  

The Pleiades appears to be the first star group mentioned in astronomical literature, appearing in the Chinese annals of 2357 B.C.  Job referred to them at least twice in his word Kimah.  The name Pleiades is believed to be derived from the Greek, meaning either “sail,” “full,”or “many.” 

Mythologies from cultures all over the world refer to The Pleiades: 

  • They were called Chu by the Egyptians, who connected them with the goddess Nit.
  • In Greek mythology, the Pleiades are the seven sisters of Hyades who are pursued by Orion.  Zeus saved them and turned them into a group of celestial doves.
  • The Aztecs called the cluster Tianquiztli, which means “marketplace.”  Aztec time was measured by the movements of the stars and the Sun. They watched the Pleiades very carefully to ensure that their world would not end.  At the end of each 52-year cycle of the Aztec calendar, they conducted a religious ceremony to ensure that the cosmos would continue to move normally and the Sun would be reborn.  Aztecs believed that the demons of darkness could be prevented from descending to Earth and devouring them by making offerings of human sacrifices to the gods.

  • Aztec depiction of Pleiades

  • A Kiowa legend tells the story of a Tower which was raised to the Great Spirit to protect seven Indian maidens who were being pursued by giant bears.  The maidens were placed in the heavens for protection, and the claw marks of the bears may still be seen today in vertical striations on the Tower’s sides.
  • The Iroquois Indians, due to difficulty in locating the seventh star, hypothesized that one fell back to Earth.
  • In Ontario, Canada, the Wyandot Indians have a myth that there are indeed seven sisters, but one of them married a mortal.  She and her husband must sit in the back of a basket in which they ride, so are not easily seen.
  • The Monache Indians in central California tell the story of a group of women who loved onions more than their husbands.  They entered the skies to become The Pleiades, pursued by their husbands who became the constellation Taurus.

Many cultures believe that they are descended from humans residing on a planet within The Pleiades.  The Pleiadian forefathers are said to have originated in the Lyra-Vega Star Systems and have been visiting Earth sporadically for over twenty-two million years.  At the present time, because they feel responsible for the development of mankind on Earth, The Pleiadians are sharing their knowledge and wisdom with us to help us rediscover the truth about ourselves and the universe.


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