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In honor and celebration of the opening of the Window into the New Age of Light, Lyn Hopkins and Shama hosted an evening of ceremony, music and dance at Gold Creek Ranch north of Sunland in California.  The public was invited.  This turned out to be a very powerful, spiritual and transformative night, featuring an opening pipe ceremony, sweat lodges, individual and group meditations, drumming, chanting, and mini-workshops, culminating with a group bonfire in which all present connected in sacred oneness, joy and harmony.  The night was concluded in Beauty.

What It Was

The final solar eclipse of the last millennium occurred on August 11, 1999.  It began in the Atlantic Ocean at 9:30 a.m., reaching full eclipse over Greenwich, England at 11:11 a.m.  This was a Leo eclipse with Sun and Moon at 88 degrees Leo.  At the same time there was a North Node eclipse, with the North Node at 13 degrees Leo.  Astrologically, the North Node eclipse represents movement toward our collective destiny. 

At the time of this major eclipse, a powerful Grand Cross was in formation within the four fixed signs of the zodiac, representing the fixed conditions in which all manifestation takes place.  This is depicted by Tarot card 21, “The World”, the final card of the Major Arcanum.  The bull, Taurus, represents the element of Earth that gives form; the lion stands for Leo and the element of fire; the eagle is connected with Scorpio and the element of water; the man represents Aquarius and the element of air.  These are also the four beasts of the Apocalypse as referred to in the Book of Revelation.  The Hebrew letter assigned to card 21 is “Tav” which means “cross,” referring to “world consciousness” and dominion over slavery.  It is assigned astrologically to the planet Saturn.  The fixed cross has been described by Alice Bailey as “a transition in consciousness,” and “an initiation of the soul by the fires of God.”

In addition to the planetary cross, a “T-square” or “Tau” was present on August 11, in which Mercury in Leo opposed Neptune in Aquarius, both squaring Jupiter in Taurus.  The “T-square” carries the energy of self-transcendence.  Another synchronicity of August 11 was a heliocentric “Grand Sextile (six pointed star) in perfect balance, representing an elevated level of spiritual consciousness in the higher dimensions of existence.  There was at the same time a new moon that formed a conjunction with the Sun, resulting in the seeding of the New World within the “Divine Feminine.”  The ultimate result of these dynamic and archetypal formations was the opening of the most powerful and promising portal in human history – the Window into the Great “Age of Light,” the new Aquarian Age of the 21st Century.



In Chinese Astrology, August 11, 1999 was the first day of the Water Monkey month.  This date prophesized a bright, warm day in which the opportunity existed for people to use their intuition to obtain what they need just prior to actually needing it. 

Synchronistically, those observing the Aztec Sun Calendar called August 13 “The Day of Destiny”.  (Many astrologers conclude that the difference in dates between August 11 and August 13 are probably due to discrepancies between our calendar and the Aztec Sun calendar, so they both were actually referring to the same astronomical events and time.)  The Sun Calendar prophesized for this date “movement, freedom, change, simplification, the sky, Heaven, visions, inspiration, emptying, completion, returning to origin, centrality, choice, possibility and the beginning of a new cycle.” 


World Healing Meditation

People throughout the world linked up on August 11 to connect their energies with the tremendous power of this auspicious time to promote a focus on World Healing, consciousness and compassion.  Quantum physics has shown that everything is interconnected and is a part of the greater whole.  It has also demonstrated that energy follows thought.  Accordingly, a number of people throughout the world joined up for a collective meditation designed to create a world in which all may live in peace, harmony and love.


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