The Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge

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The Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge
  "We are the ones we've been waiting for."
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The Wild Rose: Creatress, Mother of Life

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The Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge is a center for the study and practice of esoteric healing and psychology, energy work, spiritual astrology and prophecy, metaphysics, and flowering tree and other shamanic ceremonial rituals. Magickal (white magick) exploration of universal and planetary energies, integrating unconditional love and sacred intent, is the focus of the lodge.

Led by Dance Chief Lyn “Starflyer” Hopkins, the lodge holds classes on shamanism, conducts vision quest and sweat lodge ceremonies, drum team gatherings, and Eagle Dream Dances. We also design and conduct shamanic healing rituals and ceremonies as needed for particular occasions.

Our current intent is to assist in the fulfillment of sacred prophecy for the Age of Enlightenment and to consciously sculpt the New Dream. We desire to be present for Brothers and Sisters interested in expanding their consciousness through the study of shamanism. Then, drawing upon the wisdom and skills of the Rainbow Light Warrior within, they may be enabled to summon the white magick of personal power, healing, light and love to self, one another and to Grandmother Earth.

Ours is an inter-faith group that embraces all religions, with the intent to expand our knowledge of shamanism that we may better comprehend our personal, sacred and collective dreams as well as the dream of Grandmother Earth. Not only do we embrace the Twisted Hair Teachings, but we also include spiritual and magickal jewels from many paths in a harmonious tapestry of philosophy, science, metaphysics, astrology, white magick, the esoteric, occult, and anything else that serves our desire to know more about the sacred Light path of shamanism.


Birth of the New Dream

Planetary Alignment and The New Millennium

According to astrology and the Mayan Calendar, the Planetary Alignment of May 5, 2000, heralded the birth of the New Age of Enlightenment and set the stage for the New Millennium of Awareness and Enlightenment which began January 1, 2001. Although our event has come and gone, the synergy rages on. We continue to chronicle and celebrate our ever-expanding understanding of what this celestial event inspired in our lives and those of our friends, our community and the world. Keep checking new developments on this site as our awareness and comprehension multiplies.

This Age of Enlightenment is a monumental period in the history of mankind. Synchronous with the Planetary Alignment and beyond into the New Millennium, we are witnessing the transformation of the era of our ancestors into the long awaited New Dream , manifesting Love, Light, and Spiritual awareness into fourth dimensional energy (Time). It is now that the dance between the God (masculine expressive) and Goddess (feminine receptive) energies is coming into full alignment with natural, universal, cosmic and magickal law, when the Sacred Eagle flies with both wings in balance to the crest of the Tree of Life. It is now that we individually and collectively take our power as Light Warriors of the Rainbow, long predicted in prophecy by the Mayans, the Hopis, and many others.

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