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The Northeast is the place of the design and choreography of energy movement. Throughout our life process, each of us is the designer of the movement and flow of our own energy and actions. Here is where we ask ourselves the questions, "Whatcha gonna do?"
As optimal designers, our male/female energies must be in perfect balance with the energies of the universe. We are then in a position to appropriately set our priorities and make decisions (our resolutions) and choices (the everyday options we select) based on those priorities. Our challenge is to set priorities that support our personal and sacred dreams, then consciously make our decisions and choices in alignment with these priorities.

For example, if I set a priority to get a college degree, I am saying that this is important to me. Therefore, when it is time to go to class, I have to decide whether to support my priority and get up out of bed to get to the classroom every day, or stay home and sleep in. When I am in class, I have the choice to listen to the professor and take good notes, or to nod off. At all times, my priorities, decisions and choices must be in alignment with each other or I will fail in my endeavor. If we find that we are consistently having difficulty fulfilling our priorities, perhaps we need to examine our decisions and choices.

Jean  Delville

We are in the dark mirror of the Northeast when we do not support our priorities, so are consistently falling on our face. Frequently when this occurs, we are out of contact with our Sacred Image, so we make decisions from the place of self-importance and/or self-pity. We then find ourselves expressing resistance to our priorities through such actions as self-sabotage, procrastination, and/or laziness, resulting in defeat. Then we wonder why we have failed.
The light mirror of the Northeast is when we design our priorities, decisions and choices in alignment with the yearnings of our heart, mind, body, spirit and soul. When this occurs, we find ourselves relaxed and focused, awake and impeccable, and can function within the sacred law of "Maximum efficiency with minimum effort." We are in balance and harmony with our Sacred Image.

Source of information:  Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes and Jan Orsi

SELFHOOD AEROBICS                    

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Etch your energy design on parchment!

Let it sizzle, sing its song.

Turn it upside down and inside out -

Squeeze - - - Twist - - -

Run it through your maze and up your lightning bolt.

Let it speak to you, tickle you,

Sniff its savor, taste its tang.

Adjust - - - embellish - - -

Try it on for size.

Loosen up and romp with it, fly with it,

Dance its soft-shoe chorus on your soul.

Add cosmetics and frills,

Color with your hues,

Brand with your tones.

Now consecrate, dedicate,

Bless and inhale

This essence of all that you are

                          In dimensions of self.

Lynette Hopkins


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Copyright 2010. Lynette Hopkins.