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About Ken Kalb



Ken Kalb is an author/publisher, healer, astrologer, spiritual scientist and inspirational speaker with over 800 published articles, 4 books, 200 media appearances, and 400 presentations. Ken has spearheaded and assisted various transformational projects and innovations -- founding natural food stores, co-ops, and recycling centers -- inventing low impact aerobics at his holistic studio Master Kinetics Fitness Academy -- coordinating New Age Expo and Earth Day -- among scores of other initiatives. At the same time, Ken has been Santa Barbara, California's most prominent astrologer.


He is currently organizing the LightShift 2000 Global Meditation Initiative, the title of his remarkable new book. His last book, The Grand Catharsis, is in its fourth printing, and has been called "the most accurate work of prediction of all time." California Sun publisher Nicole Shoong calls Ken "The Nostradamus of our time." Professor Richard Fuller says, "renowned for his provable accuracy and lucid perception, Ken Kalb is a brilliant man with an integral understanding of our life, our planet, and the direction we are taking for the future." Ken is acclaimed for his inspirational eloquence, predictive accuracy, uplifting attitude, and illuminating perception, weaving ancient wisdom and the future into an empowering and clear vision. Ken lives between Santa Barbara, Mount Shasta, and Maui, where he is a dedicated seeker of truth and lover of life.





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