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Ken Kalb

Author of the book The Grand Catharsis, Ken is the founder of the movement for raising consciousness about the Grand Planetary Alignment.  He will be the keynote speaker at our May 5th observance of this event in Malibu, California.  He writes:  "When I wrote the original 1981 article naming this "The Grand  Planetary Alignment," astronomers claimed it wasn't an alignment at all and most astrologers said "so what." I used the beautiful painting of the May 3-5 alignment on the cover of my book The Grand Catharsis...So to see this being acknowledged, understood in a higher light, and celebrated makes my heart smile."  Ken may be reached at  His website is:


Sepp Rothwangl

 Sepp is an astrologer and the author of the book Star Plotting 2000: The Countdown to Doomsday, currently written in German but soon to be available in English.  He writes from Austria:  "Dear friends, the cosmic MAGIC MOMENT at the pearlstring of planets gives us the chance to celebrate a festival of peace with tradition and with outlook into the NEW AGE. Join us!  As I think, the discussion about it could be easily take place also on a news forum. I found a complete silent news forum, where we could meet.  The name of this forum  is fidonet.newage_thought.  Let us discuss there, ok! Or e-mail your suggest."  Sepp may be reached at              His website is:


Geoff Smith:  

From his website,  "The  Eclipse of August 1999 seeded something deep within us all.  IT WAS THE CONCEPTION POINT OF A NEW CONTINUUM, A  NEW AGE - NINE MONTHS LATER, IN MAY 2000.  "WHAT  WILL BE BIRTHED AT THE  MAJOR  CONJUNCTION OF SIX PLANETS  IN TAURUS?"   You may e-mail Geoff at


Radha Krishnan:

He writes: "I bumped into your site.  I am writing this from the southern tip of India where the three seas meet.  I am very impressed with your project.  . . . Please let me know if I can do anything from here to make your projects successful. I wish you the best.  Radha."


Barbara Wolf:

"I have just added to the Global Meditations web site a page for the May, 2000, THE GRAND ALIGNMENT - - of planets in Taurus.  To help the Earth and humanity, you are invited to concentrate on bringing to our planet the positive influences of planets that will group themselves in Taurus; Venus with the positive aspects of Harmony, Devotion, Affection, and Refinement; Mercury with its positive aspects of conscious learning, expression and communication; Mars with its positive aspects of self-expression, action and will power; Jupiter, with its positive aspects of opportunity, expansion, faith and values; and, Saturn, with its positive aspects of self-discipline, restraint, responsibility and the rules of cause and effect." 


Jean Hudon:

The Earth Rainbow Network, founded in February 1997, has an extensive list of 1600 people in nearly 50 countries sharing information, visions and feedbacks on a broad range of subjects as a way to expand and deepen global awareness and the sense of forming a global spiritual community gradually empowering itself to contribute in shaping the future of this world.  "Not a single human can achieve alone what 2 human beings can do when attuned to the same vibration. Two candles are brighter than one. Imagine what a thousand candles can do... a million candles... 6 billion candles.  We are all the living prophecy, awakening to our Unity, One with Life, One with the Universe." (Taken from "Pathways to Unity" -- posted at:  To be added to the list, write to and state: "Add me to your list."



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